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This website - "Written information" - is created for you who, in one way or another, work with user manuals and technical documentation. How do you write good user manuals?

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In this context, technical documentation relates to instructions, operator manuals, procedures and other information created for installing, using and maintaining more or less technically complicated products. Technical writers or authors typically produce professional technical documentation, but many different job titles can be found.

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This website is an ongoing project. Many texts are still missing under each topic. Only selected texts are translated to English. Please have patience.

Content and structure

Under this topic, you will find texts dealing with what information your user manuals can and should contain.


It is all about writing briefly, simply and comprehensibly. And it takes work!


How should I work to write user manuals most cost-effectively?


There is no point in writing good user manuals if the customer cannot access them.


Regardless of the type of user manual you write, the information must be presented visually.

Pictures and illustrations

Graphic representations in photographs, illustrations and other multimodal texts play an important role in user manuals.

DITA publishing

Many people bang their heads against the wall using traditional office tools to write technical documentation. Not least, this applies when the documents become large and complicated. DITA may be a solution.


Good tools are half the job. Being able to work effectively with the right tools is incredibly important.

Relevant academic theory

This is what it's really about: your and my ability to convey information.

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